Kate Mitchell 

Therapist and

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist 

in Kent and Surrey

 Freedom CBT Hypnotherapy


 You can learn how to find relaxation, calm and peace of mind.

Mindfulness refers to a range of techniques which enable you to distance ourselves from our daily life.

 It allows you to tune into your peaceful core and to quieten agitated minds long enough to think more clearly.  

Kate will teach you  to listen and observe your thoughts calmly, and to find and  retain a sense of calm well being. 

She offers:

Corporate Mindf​ulness with CBH

Mindfulness with CBH helps to increase  business productivity, staff engagement and reducing stress related absence. Scientific evidence is growing by the day. 

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Group mindfulness

Please click here to find out more about Kate's 1-1 sessions and   mindfulness groups, or to book a place on one.

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1-1 sessions

Kate will teach you simple but very effective tools and techniques allowing us to develop your awareness of unhelpful triggers enabling you to take control of your emotions.

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