Kate Mitchell 

Therapist and

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist 

in Kent and Surrey

 Freedom CBT Hypnotherapy

Wedding stress getting you down?

 Why is it that everyone tells you to relax and enjoy your wedding, when it has taken you months and even years of careful planning, sleepless nights and hundreds of decisions just to get to the day?!


Wedding stress is very common, but easy to treat using Kate's simple techniques can help you to take control of your fears and have the perfect wedding. 

Learn how to relax in just a few minutes. Learn how to overcome butterflies before they become dragons!

Nervous about speeches?

Making speeches flow

Anxiety over making speeches can cause sleepless nights.

 Kate can help. Her simple, easy to learn techniques mean that you will be able to relax and enjoy your special day.

Kate  will take you through the speech step by step, providing ways to remain calm at every stage so that on the day you are calm, relaxed and confident.

She uses her knowledge of weddings through her role as a celebrant to give you the insider knowledge on how to overcome nerves and give a sparkling performance with confidence and charm.

 You can overcome the anxiety to help you make the perfect speech!